5 Toy Unboxers on Youtube

Toy unboxing videos have been incredibly popular. It is a genre of YouTube content in which kids' toys are opened and played with. It is beloved by millions of kids and parents who are looking for the next toy for their kids.

We made a list of five toy unboxing YouTube channels parents and children can check out.

1. Toy Caboodle

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This channel’s strength is its constant reviews and unboxing. There doesn’t seem to be anything that Toy Caboodle misses with their multiple new videos each week. The channel is home to fun and colorful toys and accessories for girls, which are unboxed and reviewed. These are toys from Hasbro, Moose, Nickelodeon, Zag Heroez, Zuru, Disney and others. Aside from toy reviews and unboxing, Toy Caboodle has also been doing crafting, DIY projects, slimes, doll transformations, and a few video game streams.


2. SquirrelStampede

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The Squirrel Stampede Channel is where serious silliness is to be expected. Run by a toy collector and reviewer, this channel is made for toy enthusiasts of any age (with the core audience intended for ages 13 and up) with his trusty mascot Landry the Primary Squirrel. The channel reviews a wide variety of kid’s toys such as action figures, LEGOS, Stikbots, toy cars, Transformers, and he even does Minecraft Adventures and other silly content!



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Specializing in creating interactive play-sets and arts and crafts content for children, AWESMR Pop is one of the biggest toy reviewers on YouTube. It is a fun channel that started in 2012 and has now built over 7.6M subscribers over the past six years! The channel is run by Awe Some Toys and his team in creating DIY and “how-to” videos. The toys that are on this channel are typically for children who are older and can follow written instructions. If you have a child who loves to craft, check out this channel for some awesome ideas!


4. FunToys Collector Disney Toy Review

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If you’re looking for egg toys and slimes.


5. Ryan's World

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Ryan Kaji is the king of the toy mountain on YouTube right now. With a whopping 30.6 million followers, his channel has earned $30 million in 2020, solidifying his place as the top highest-paid YouTube celebrity. He began his YouTube adventure in 2015 by reviewing the top toys with his parents and twin sisters. Today, Ryan’s World has built an empire around toys and educational content for kids. The channel still posts frequent toy unboxing and reviews. Ryan’s World is a popular place to start if you are looking for a kid’s perspective on the latest toys and activities for your family.

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