Stop Motion Animation Toys are Kids’ New Fave

When Zing toys came out with Stikbot in 2015, it was the beginning of their venture into the world of stop motion animation toys. With the combination of Stikbot toys and the Stikbot Studio app, this is an excellent way for kids to not only have fun with the toy figures but also to get creative in ways that weren’t available before with making videos.

Stop Motion is an animation technique that combines still images into a string to create lifelike movement from the figures in the pictures. This is a cool, untraditional art form that allows for all sorts of different ways to use Stikbots. What is better than fun and educational toys?

The easy-to-use app allowed kids of all ages to learn video-making techniques using the animation technique that is a unique art form. This action figure doubles as a way for kids to not only have fun but also learn a new way to make videos. The simple app provides clear examples and allows users to share their creations online using the hashtag #stikbot. Join the movement!

Plus, kids can follow Stikbot on social media where content is constantly flowing. Stikbot Central on YouTube has all sorts of hilarious videos, both long and short. With just under 1 million subscribers, anybody can join the Stikbot community to have fun and make innovative videos, and potentially even get the brand to share their creation!

Stikbot comes in plenty of different styles and forms. Some of the most popular are Stikbot Dinos, Stikbot Pets, and Stikbot Monsters. These different lines add tons of new options for fun storylines and videos. With a wide array of colors, you can get nearly any you want! Plus, there are solid, clear, and metallic finishes!

Alongside fan-favorite Stikbot, in 2018 we also introduced Klikbots! These toys are similar to Stikbots as both are suction toys, but Klikbots’ design allows for more creative positioning and is aimed at an older audience. With the simple but intuitive Klik mechanics, kids can use the figures in all sorts of different poses and arrangements. This allows for more freedom when creating videos than Stikbot, and allows kids to take their videos to the next level.

With multiple different series – Heroes, Villains, and Studio Packs – Klikbot has a whole universe to play in. The YouTube series Klikbot Galaxy Defenders uses stop-motion to create episodes that are fun for kids and show them all sorts of unique ideas that they can use with the Stikbot Studio app!

Both lines have introduced MegaBot versions, taking fun to the extreme with upgraded vehicles for the toy figures. Stikbot Megabots comes pre-assembled and ready for action. Whereas Klikbot Megabots assembly is required and takes a little bit of innovation to put together. Once the products are finished, they are ready to go for the biggest Stikbot and Klikbot action yet.

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