Unplugged Play - Classic Outdoor Toys for Retro Summer Fun

When it comes to summer fun, embrace the nostalgia of retro toys that bring back the essence of carefree summers. Join us as we explore classic outdoor toys from Zing for endless laughter and timeless memories.

Rediscover the joy of chasing and popping bubbles with Glove-A-Bubble. Slip on the special glove, dip it into the bubble solution, and watch as a stream of bubbles magically emerges. It's a modern twist on a classic pastime, making bubble play even more exciting.

Immerse yourself in archery fun with the HyperStrike Bow. Take aim, pull back, and release to send foam-tipped arrows soaring through the air. Whether practicing accuracy or engaging in dart tag battles, the HyperStrike Bow offers hours of active play.

Step into the past with the Zopperball, a classic inflatable ball with a modern twist. Experience the joy of bouncing and rolling in a whole new way. Step inside, grip the handles, and bounce away! The Zopperball brings back memories of carefree summer days.

Take a trip down memory lane with the Zyclone, a hand-held launcher that sends foam rings whirling through the air. Unleash the power with a flick of the wrist and watch as the rings soar up to incredible heights. Challenge friends to catch or dodge the flying rings.

This summer, rediscover the joy of simple, classic play and create memories that will last a lifetime with Zing!

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