Zing's Bow and Arrow Sets are Classics Toys that Never Go Away

What’s better than a safe and fun way for kids to play outside? With the rise of screens and video games, the more chances kids have to get out in the backyard and move around the better. This is where Zing comes in with their excellent line of Toy Bow and Arrow sets.

With multiple different lines that offer unique functions and capabilities, there is an option for all different kinds of interests.

To start, for those who are looking for the most powerful bow Zing has to offer, look no further than the Hyperstrike. This line features the power to shoot up to 250 feet with the long launching Zarts whistle arrows, that let out a booming sound as they fly through the air. 

The Hyeprstrike comes in an arrow of colors, with the upper tier including hydro-graphic designs like carbon fiber or camo. Plus, with a replaceable bungee cord, users can always make sure they are using the best-conditioned items.

Next, there is the FireTek Bow. While it may not launch quite as far as the Hyperstrike, this line touts light-up abilities in both the bow and the arrows, so you can watch them soar through the dark sky. Perfect for nighttime battles with friends, these battery-powered items ensure that they will keep their glow and won’t fade and get lost like other glow in the dark toys.

Another favorite is the Z-Tek Bow. Like the FireTek Bow, the performance in terms of distance isn’t quite as much as the Hyperstrike, however, with a more compact design, the Z-Tek allows users more mobility during combat. Also, they can come with soft-foam suction cup arrows that stick to most flat surfaces. Not only can you test how far you can fire, but also get a load of what kind of accuracy you have.

For those who might be stuck in an office or want a gun game indoors, the Zano Bow would be the perfect fit. This much smaller, indoor-focused item is perfect for shooting shorter distances and practicing your aim at a target. Utilizing a bungee cord as opposed to a plastic bungee, the Zano is not so strong it’s unsafe indoors, but still has the performance for plenty of fun!

One more area that Zing has entered lately is with the Marshmallow Bow and Mallow toy, which is a bit different from the other models. This fun set up uses air power to launch mini-marshmallow in rapid fire using a pullback string. It may not go as far as the other models, but this edible form of fun is a great alternative!

Also, for all Zing bow and arrows for kids, each projectile has a soft foam tip to ensure safety when battling with friends and neighbors. While it doesn’t hurt the performance of the toys, it certainly helps with peace of mind for parents concerned with safety.

Overall, Zing is the leader in the toy market in this category and continues to show why as they release new and updated models that kids can use indoors and outside for all kinds of fun.



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