Spinzipz in the News : First stackable spinner!

First Stackable "Spinners" Joins Fidget Toy Craze


Millions of Zing "Spinzipz" Being Airfreighted In to Meet Retail Demand & Kids' Hands

PORTLAND, Ore., May 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Toy maker Zing jumps into the exploding "fidget toy" craze with today's launch of "Spinzipz," the industry's first stackable spinners toy. Consumers can order Zing's souped-up Spinzipz, which feature LED lights for day and night play, now at zing.store.  Millions of pieces of the light up Spinzipz will hit retail stores later this month at Amazon, Target, Toys R Us and Walmart.  To see the Spinzipz in action, view the video here

Zing spotted the spin toys trend emerging.  Already a major player in the fidget category with their best-selling Thumb Chucks, Zing watched as the social sharing of spinners videos went viral generating millions of views in less than 10 days. 

"Since we're a small company, we were nimble enough to ramp up production to meet the quick retail demand," said Josh Loerzel, Zing vice president of sales and marketing.   "This is all happening organically, at lightning fast speed," he continued.

The "fidget category" has brought toy land to a whole new level in literally the last few weeks in what's widely being touted as the "spinners craze."  These small, plastic, stress-relieving toys are creating a huge demand across the globe from kids and adults alike, resulting in manufacturers like Zing rushing in millions of pieces to retailers to help relieve America's "fidget itch."

For more information, consumers can visit zing.store.



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