Zing’s Bow and Arrow Sets, Helping Kids Stay Active in this Digital Age

At Zing, we believe that creative, active, and skilled play allows kids to express themselves while growing to be their best selves. Our toys encourage kids to get off their phones and tablets and instead learn something brand new! Hobbies and skills not only can grow a child’s lifelong confidence, they also allow your child to experience both challenges and accomplishments that will stay with them. If you are a parent who is interested in getting their child involved in a skill or hobby our toys are a fantastic way to get them motivated. 

Interested in archery? Since its founding Zing has made a name for itself in the outdoor category, specifically with our youth bow and arrow sets. Our most recent line, HyperStrike, is an advanced foam arrow launcher that can shoot arrows up to 250 feet into the air! With two cool sleek designs in orange and green, your kid can feel empowered carrying one of these bows around. With HyperStrike, learning to hit targets and grow your archery skills is possible to do right in your backyard! Its foam-tipped arrows mean this skill toy can easily turn into fun playtime. These kids’ bow and arrow activities are a great way to combine active fun with a developing hobby. 

Can’t seem to get your kid off their phone or tablet? Well, they can put that screen time to good use with our Stikbot and KlikBot stop motion line! Stikbot and KlikBot are two action figures specifically made for the purpose of learning the art of stop motion animation. Stop-motion animation is a skill that takes time, patience, and creativity. Your child can work on their story-telling and writing skills while also learning to make props and costumes. With the Stikbot studio app they can learn how to animate and then turn those skills into their very own creation for all the world to see! 

The Every Day Play line is an alternative to the normalcy of having a phone in one’s hand. This line of toys combines all the satisfaction of fidget toys with the challenge of a skill toy. The EDP line includes Thumb Chucks, Zing Dama, and Spin Zipz. Although it is more of a non-traditional hobby this line of toys allows your child to learn the importance of practice. They’ll be able to “level up” as they learn to accomplish one trick after the other while simultaneously developing their fine motor skills. Soon, they’ll be able to give captivating performances that will grow their confidence and creativity. 

Play is the perfect way to encourage your child to grow their skillset and develop hobbies. Our toys have the ability to spark something great within your kid, maybe something that has even been previously unseen. Play and skill come together with Zing toys. They can encourage your child to try new things and then to dedicate themselves to be great at doing what they love. This is a lesson that is not only valuable in childhood but also transitions into life- having fun, staying active, and being passionate!

Air Storm Z-Tek Bow 2 Pack

USD $54.99

Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow

USD $37.99