HyperStrike Bow - HydroGraphic Design


Color: Carbon


Product: HyperStrike Bow
Age: 14+
Includes: 1 Hyper Strike Bow & 4 Zonic Whistle Arrows

Hyper Strike is a brand of high-performance bow-and-arrow toys designed for foam warfare and represents Zing’s entrance into the 14+ blaster market. The product appeals to this demographic by placing a product-design focus on foam warfare, and a visual style that mimics that of a compound bow.  

The bow shoots over 250ft (increased range is due to lengthened bungee) and has a tactical rail to which users can add various accessories (scopes, flashlights, etc...). Bows are available in three colors to represent the user’s “team” when battling: Carbon/Orange and Urban Camo/Green. A protective facemask is available as well, which has a swappable indicator to indicate the user's “team”.  

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