Zing Air Huntress Firetek Bow - Zing Eco Environmental Package

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 Air Huntress Firetek Bow : Zing Eco Environmental Package

Air Huntress Firetek Bow  is packed in an Eco Environmental Package (ZEEP). The product quality is 100%  the same as in the standard package but packed in a ZEEP instead. This helps reduce tons of packaging material and allows us to pass the saving on to you.


Light up the DAY and NIGHT with the FIRETEK BOW! The ultimate foam bow&arrows - now with blazing light-up power! Fire up the ZONIC BLAZE whistling arrows. Hook the arrows in the fast load loops, then READY, AIM, FIRE! Watch as they light up the sky and scream through the air up to 145 feet! You've got the power with the FIRETEK BOW!

  • Shoot zonic blaze whistle arrows over 145 feet
  • One set includes 1 Fire Tek Bow Pink and Purple with 3 Zonic Blaze Whistle Arrows
  • Hook the arrow on the loops and pull pack as far as you can; the farther you go the longest you get
  • New technology light up zonic blaze whistle arrows; Just flip the switch on your arrow, found right under the nose
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