Air Storm Z Tek Bow

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Air Storm Z Tek Bow

The Airstorm Z-Tek Bow is the ultimate foam bow and arrow. Load up the Zonic soft foam whistle arrow, pull back, then ready, aim, fire! Watch and listen as the arrow screams over 100 feet. Set up some cans for target practice, or shoot against a wall for whistling bounce-back action. Next, load up with the Zartz suction-cup arrows. Pick your target and fire away! Suction-cup Zartz stick to almost anything. Each arrow is made with ultra-light foam and flies over incredible distances.

Get the next big thing in bow technology with the Z-Tek Bow. Check out the sleek new design and shape. Shorter bungees for faster firing.  It’s an all new archery experience with the Z-Tek Bow! Hook in the Zartz Arrow or Zonic Whistling Arrow, position the shot, and watch it fly through the air for an incredible 100 feet!

  • Have you had the best chance to develop your shooting skills with the safety bow and arrows
  • One set includes 1 cleartek bow, 2 zonic whistle arrows, 1 zartz arrow, stick anywhere
  • You can set up some cans for target practice, or shoot against a wall for bounce back action


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