Tails of the Strange - LIMITED EDITION SET

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When a mystery monkey shows up in the backyard of Rusty, Lucy and Lou’s house, their lives change from normal house pets to accomplices in something dark and sinister. Will they be able to save Nina, and if so, what will it cost them?

This Limited Edition Set is a limited release exclusive to Zing with its own special serial number.

Tails of the Strange set include :

1)   1 x Translucent Blue Monkey
2)   1 x Translucent Brown Cat
3)   1x Translucent Red Bulldog
4)   1x Translucent Red Dog
5)   2 x Evil Solid blue dog
6)   1 x Evil Solid white bulldog
7)   1 x Sold red cat
8)   1x Evil stikbot
9)   1x Cloth Tails of the Strange pouch for keepsake



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