Klikbot - Series 2 Villains, Metallic Colors


Color: 4 Character Bundle (Eco Friendly Packaging)


With their introduction in Series 2, these Klikbot Villains, Thrash, Bash, Warp and Blaze, stand out with their unique metallic finish, armour and weapons. Can the Klikbot heroes stand up to these villains armed with dangerous weapons and impenetrable armour? Will the villains conquer the universe or will our heroes stop them? Who will be left in the end? Only you know. Let your imagination run wild.

KlikBots are animation construction toys with interchangeable parts, articulating limbs and futuristic accessories. Kids can use these posable robot action figures to star in their very own stop motion animation videos. Using the Stikbot Studio 2.0 App, kids can learn stop motion animation techniques, bringing these toys to life. Klikbots are great STEM educational toys for fostering creativity and learning a new skill. Get inspired by watching the Klikbot Galaxy Defenders series on our Youtube channel, Stikbot Central.

  • EASY TO CREATE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE: Parts snap together and provide the right amount of mobility for animation, unlike other construction toys; See where your creativity takes you by combining all our Klikbot sets into one video
  • NEW ACCESSORIES AND METALLIC FINISH: Klikbots Villains can suit up with their new weapons, unique armour their and heavy metal style finishing; gold, silver, bronze, and copper; decked out in their new gear, these Klikbot Villains will be ready for battle like never before; Each Klikbot Villain  is equipped with a set of armour and a set of weapons
  • BECOME A MOVIE MAKER: Learn stop motion animation techniques when you download our free Stikbot Studio 2.0 APP, using your imagination to easily create adventure films starring the Klikbot Villains
  • SEE THEM IN ACTION: Be sure to follow the Klikbot Galaxy Defenders series on Youtube; Check out the StikBot Central channel for more content and inspiration, featuring all our heroes and villains

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