Blast Off Sky Ripperz ( 2 Sky Ripperz 1 Zoom Boom Rocket)

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Blast Off Sky Ripperz (2 Sky Ripperz  and 1 Zoom Boom Rocket)

Zing SKY RIPPERZ are the newest innovation in flight technology! Just attach your Launcher to the Launch Hook found on your SKY RIPPERZ;Whistle-Screaming Rocket, pull the tab, release and watch it fly over 250 feet high! Assorted Colors Colorful Foam Rockets

  • The Sky Ripperz is designed for aged 8 years old and up and for whether your young shooter is left or right-handed
  • The Sky Ripperz Whistle Screaming Rockets are ready for flight with no assembly required with super safe design and awesome performance
  • Soar to legendary heights with the Sky Ripperz
  • Set includes 2 sky ripper and 1 Zoom Boom rocket
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