Zing Pop Ballz - Pack of 2 with Ammo Refill




Product: Zing Pop Ballz 2 pack with ammo refill
Age: 4+
Includes: 2 Pop Ballz and 1 Ammo Refill

Pop Ballz are the soft flying air powered fun, try these fun games at home, office or at your next party! Invent your own new games to test your skills! Pop Ballz are fun for kids and adults , safe, soft. Air Powered fun for everyone. Step one push ball half way into the opening, step 2 take aim and squeeze handle! The harder you squeeze the further they fly. Major air power sends foam balls flying up to 30 feet! Soft foam ammo for indoors and out! Set includes 1 Pop ballz blaster and 3 buckshotz foam balls Age 5 years and up Color may varies

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