Firetek Zeon Bow


Color: Green


Product: Firetek Zeon Bow
Includes: 1 Firetek Zeon Bow & 3 Suction Cup Arrows

FireTek Zeon Bow with the light up day or night Zartz Blaze arrows, hook the arrows in the fast load loops then ready, aim, fire! Watch as they light up the sky and fly up to 35 feet! Watch as they light up the sky and fly up to 35 feet! Practice indoors and outdoors! You've got the power with the Zeon Bow.

  • New technology light up Zartz Blaze arrows; Just flip the switch on your arrow, found right under the nose
  • The foam suction cup tip arrow that will stick to almost anything, you can see your light up suction cup arrows beautifully at night
  • Light weight bow
  • Flyz up to 35 ft.

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