Zing Dama


Color: 3 Color Bundle (Eco Friendly Packaging)


Can you ZING DAMA? Catch the ball in the ring cup. Don’t drop the ball in the Zing Dama challenge. Zing Dama is the coolest twist on a classic skill toy. Learn to toss the light up ball and catch it in the cup. Sounds easy, but can you master all the tricks.  

  • Endless Trick Possibilities: Catch the ball in 9 different places
  • Adjustable Finger Strap
  • The Zing Dama puts coordination to the ultimate test. A ball on a string and a catcher ring -  the aim is to capture the ball, and of course, the trick is to do it with flair and skill. Easy to attempt – hard to master, but so much fun to learn!

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