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KlikBots is a line of collectible action figures that kids can use to create their very own stop-motion videos. With their interchangeable pieces, articulating limbs, and action accessories, KlikBots are ready to travel the universe and go on any adventure you can imagine!

KlikBot comes with a free app, KlikBot Studio, that allows users to create and edit stop-motion movies with their characters. 

Helix is the brains of the KlikBots. She’s a science wiz, ready to experiment, tinker, and fix any mechanical problems along the way. After discovering a precious metal, they are confronted by the evil Modulus and his faithful followers. Thrust into a battle they never signed up, these adventurers must choose to become heroes and stop Modulus’ plan to build an army capable of taking over the universe!

Includes: Klikbot, Creature, Weapons, interchangeable Hands & Tri-Pod


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