Roomarang (Indoor Boomerang)


Color: Red


Roomarang, the original lightweight indoor boomerang eliminates the indoor no-fly zone. Foam construction makes it soft, safe and furniture friendly. Flies between 2 to 10 feet depending on how hard it’s thrown. Includes throwing instructions which will teach you some exciting Roomarang flying tricks. It’s easy to learn and fun for all skill levels. You can do a basic throw with just the snap of the wrist, or bend and twist the foam arms to modify the Roomarang’s flight pattern to perform trick shots that are sure to impress. 

  • THE ORIGINAL INDOOR BOOMERANG: Foam material allows for safe play indoors; Helps develop hand-eye coordination without the difficulty and danger of a traditional hard boomerang
  • EASY TO LEARN: Soft and lightweight design makes it easy to throw; Just a snap of the wrist and the Roomarang flies perfectly!; start a game of toss and catch in no time
  • FUN FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS: Bend and twist the foam arms to change the flight pattern; perform tricks to impress your friends
  • INCLUDES: Set of 5 individual Roomarangs (Colors Vary)

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