Zax - Soft and Safe Foam Throwing Axe


Color: Blue


Taking a cue from the axe throwing craze that’s sweeping the nation, Zing brings you the Zax. A Zax is a light weight, easy to throw, soft foam throwing axe, equipped with 3 SOFTEK foam suction cups, which can stick to almost any smooth surface. These soft kids throwing axes can be used both indoors and outdoors. Use a standard one handed throw, add some flair with a two handed toss, try an underhand flip or make up your own trick shots! Any way you throw it, you are sure to have fun. 

  • TOY THROWING AXE FUN: Tired of playing boring board games? Get on board with the axe throwing craze! Zax is a safe and fun toy that helps develop hand-eye coordination as you learn a new skill and get competitive with axe throwing fun
  • EASY TO THROW: The Zax is light weight and designed to properly spin when thrown at a target; Master the art of axe throwing safely in your own home
  • SOFTEK FOAM SUCTION CUPS: These suction cups are made with Softek Foam for safety but still have ultimate stick! Thrown at most sturdy smooth surfaces and suction cups stick, but still release easily when gently pulled
  • CHALLENGES YOUR FRIENDS: Pick a target and set a score! Compete with yourself or with others, make up games and competitions; see who can throw the farthest or with the most accuracy
  • CHANGE UP STYLES: Learn how to throw the Zax with a standard one handed throw, get fancy and try two hands or come up with your own unique throw!

The Zax is 12" tall and designed for kids ages 5 and up.   

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