About us

Zing makes high-quality toys for high-action play. Our mission is to promote a healthy, active lifestyle by compelling kids to turn off their video games or smartphones, get off the couch, and get up to play! Our inventors are kids at heart with safety in mind, bringing you fun in a zillion packages: mini-monsters, boomerangs, and big bows! Soaring rockets, dart blasters, and sticky creatures! Today, Zing's award-winning collectible and action-ready product lines include Zing Air®, Air Hunterz, Air Huntress, Air Storm, Zing BlastOff and Zing Novelty!

We have a full staff of toy innovators at our headquarters in Hong Kong who share a passion for high-quality products that promote active play and imagination. Our inventors are kids at heart with safety in mind. Our entire staff is immersed in a creative culture that supports innovation, fun ideas, and play. We are involved throughout the entire product design process, from idea, concept, and prototyping to packaging and bringing innovative and exciting toys to market.**