Need help with deciding which bow to choose?  Our chart below provides a simple overview of all the bows we stock.

HyperStrike-Bow Firetek-Bow Z-Tek-Bow Z-Curve-Bow wrist-bow Zeon-Bow
HyperStrike Bow Firetek Bow Z-Tek Bow Z-Curve Bow Wrist Bow Bullz Eye Bow
Age 14+ 14+ 14+ 14+ 8+ 5+
Launch Dis. 250ft 175ft 155ft 200ft 45ft 30ft
Colors Hydrographic, Clear Red, Green Green, Orange Camo Green, Red Orange, Green
Where to Play Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor In or Outdoor In or Outdoor
Light up
Dimension (DxWxH, in.)
3¾ x 26 x 8⅝
4 x 23 x 4⅜
3⅜ x 23 x 5½
4 x 23½ x 7½
2½ x 6¼ x 6¼
2¾ x 15½ x 4
Grip Length (in.)

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