Blast Off Sky Ripperz


Style: 2 Rockets & 1 Launcher in Retail Packaging


Product: Blast Off Sky Ripperz

Age: 14+


  • Option A: Includes 1 Rip Zip Launchers and 2 Sky Ripperz Rockets
  • Option B: Includes 2 Rip Zip Launchers and 6 Sky Ripperz Rockets

The Zing Sky Ripperz are the newest innovation in flight technology. No fuel or batteries are needed to make the Sky Ripperz Rockets fly sky high. With your launch arm up, just loop the bungee around the launch hook of the Sky Ripperz Rocket, pull the tab downward and release, sending the Sky Ripper screaming up to 250 feet in the air, thanks to the embedded whistle. With 2 Rip Zip Bungee Launchers you can compete with friends to see who can shoot the farthest or go for high shots by aiming straight up. Pick a target and test your aim by seeing who can land their rocket closest to the target. Aim high and shoot past the competition with Zing Sky Ripperz!

  • SEND THE ROCKET TO NEW HEIGHTS: Aim straight up and flick your wrist as you launch to send the Sky Ripperz Rockets up to 250 feet
  • SPECIALIZED ROCKET: Foam head and lightweight design keep rocketz safe and impact resistant; reflective foil exterior allows for easy tracking during flight; roto-fins provide stylish rotation, stability and most important, maximum altitude
  • SOFT AND SAFE WHISTLING ROCKETS: Sky Ripperz Rockets have embedded whistle allows you to hear the arrows screaming through the air as they zoom towards your target, adding an extra dimension to the fun

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