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Ready, aim, stomp! Send soft and safe Zoom Rocketz flying more than 150 feet into the air just by stomping on the launch pad, no batteries required. Features a variable arc system, so kids can shoot rockets straight up in the air or blast them forward at different angles. Try landing your rocketz on a target, challenge your friends to catch them or see how far you can send them flying. It’s a fun way to keep kids active outdoors. Includes an easy to assemble stand, a launch pad with air hose and three soft foam tipped rockets. 

  • SEND THE ROCKETZ TO NEW HEIGHTS: The harder you stomp on the launch pad, the higher they fly; watch them fly up to 150 feet in the air!
  • SPECIALIZED ROCKETZ: Foam head and lightweight design keep rocketz safe and impact resistant; reflective foil exterior allows for easy tracking during flight; roto-fins provide stylish rotation, stability and most important, maximum altitude
  • TAKE YOUR AIM: Launch pad allows you to set different launch angles; fine tune your set up to hit your target; launch straight up to the stratosphere, at a slight angle for a smooth arc or at 45 degrees for max distance! 
  • INCLUDES: 1 Launch Pad System and 3 Zoom Rocketz

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