Dino Hunterz Z Curve Bow

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Dino Hunterz Z Curve Bow

Forget the fossils, dinosaurs are back with a bite and Zing’s Dino Hunterz Longbow is just in time to keep mankind from going extinct! With safe loop and launch technology, ammo clips and a power grip, you’re ready to join Dino Hunterz and target T-Rexes with the new Dino Hunterz Longbow! Just hook a Zonic Blazing whistle screaming arrow or a Dino Dartz arrow on the fast-load loops, pull back and let it fly! With the arrows shooing up to 125 feet high, you are bound to knock a Pterodactyl right out of the sky! Prehistoric predators don’t stand a chance against the Dino Hunterz Longbow! Each Longbow comes with two Zonic Blazing whistle screaming arrows and one Dino Dartz arrow. Dino Hunter Longbow is only available at Target.

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