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Mini Fishing Game With Magnetic Pieces

Cast, hook and reel em’ in with the First Strike Fisherman! Land the magnetic lure in the mouths of as many fish you can. Control the power, distance, and release of the cast using the lever on the back of the fisherman. Will you bring home the bass or be left as the bait?  

This desktop-sized game has everything you need to have fun fishing in the comfort of your home; Experience a relaxing fishing day anytime and anywhere.

First Strike Fisherman turns your desk into a fishing ground; Set up both your fisherman and the mouth bass on your table and start casting; Land the magnetic lure square in the mouth of your target then reel in your prize. 

You control the power, distance and release of cast; By adjusting the slack on the string, you can significantly alter the flight of your cast; Perfect for game young kids to practice fine motor skills.

Create some competition with a fishing tournament; Find out who can catch all of the bass in record time or create challenges for your friends and family by arranging the fishing grounds with obstacles and hazards!

EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Set includes 1 fisherman and 4 magnetic bass.

Recommended Age: 5+

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