Desktop Sports Flip N’ Stack Monkeys

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Are you ready to flip out? Launch these mad monkeys in the air then watch as they land on each other to form a terrifyingly tall tower. Magnets in their hands and feet ensure that they can catch their flying friends. See who can stack the monkeys the highest, show off your aim with the metallic bullseye board, or put their acrobatic skills to use in your own games. 

Desktop Sports are a line of games that’ll kick boredom to the curb. The game sets are perfectly portable so you can enjoy a bit of sporting action in the office, a waiting room, or just about anywhere. Magnetic game pieces snap together adding to the fun. Compete with friends and family in games of skill that will test your accuracy and finesse. Who will rise to the top and become the Desktop Sports champion?

Kids can develop their fine motor skills as they move the pieces; more experienced players can perfect their aiming technique and strategies

EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Set includes 2 yellow and 2 blue magnetic monkeys, 1 metallic, two-sided game platform, 1 springboard, and instructions for two games; Once you’ve mastered the games provided, use the pieces to make your own! 

Recommended Age: 5+

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