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Product: Firetek Rocket
Includes: 1 launcher & 2 Firetek Rockets

When the sun goes down, the outdoor fun doesn't have to stop. Introducing the Firetek Rocket: a bungee-powered, fire-glow LED rocket! Fire up the light-up whistling rockets, attach your launcher to the launch hook, pull the tab and watch as they light up the sky and scream through the air up to 250 feet! You've got the power with the Firetek Rocket!

Flip the switch on your Firetek Rocket, with launch arm up, loop elastic around launch hook on the Firetek Rocket and pull tab downward! While releasing the tab, flick your wrist so your thumb is facing upward and watch your -Firetek Rocket fly over great distance. Play all day and continue into the evening to watch the blazing trail of burning-red light streak across the night sky. Listen as the Zonic Whistle screams into the distance, creating a firework-like effect that is sure to astound the eyes and dazzle the mind.

  • The Air Storm Firetek Rocket is designed for aged 8 years and up and for whether your young shooter is left or right-handed
  • The light up whistle screaming rockets are ready for flight with no assembly required with super safe design and awesome performance
  • Light-up power switch, glow - fly 250 ft.

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