Hip Hop Pops

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The toys are turned inside out and then dropped to the floor. Once they hit the floor, the kids can watch and listen to them pop sometimes as high 6 feet into the air!

Children can create all kinds of games using the Hip Hop Pops such as trying to catch them, trying to get them to land in a circle, or other games helping them to use their imagination.

  • Pops and Jumps 6ft./1.8m high!
  • Available in 4 assorted colours!
  • Indoor & Outdoor Fun!
  • Ages: 5+
  • This listing is for one Kazoom Hip Hop Pop.


把HIPHOP POPS弹跳碗从里往外翻转,然后垂直往下掉落地面。当它撞击地面的时候,小朋友们注意观察,听,它发出“嘭”地一声,然后往上弹,有时可以弹到1.8米高哦! 


  • 可弹跳6英尺/1.8米高! 
  • 4种颜色可选 
  • 室内&户外尽享乐趣 
  • 年龄:5岁以上 
  • 品牌:KAZOOM 

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