Klikbot Hexagon Limited Pack

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After discovering a precious metal, the KlikBot crew is confronted by the evil Modulus and his faithful followers. Thrust into a battle they never signed up for, these adventurers must choose to become heroes and stop Modulus' plan to build an army capable of taking over the universe!

KlikBot is a line of collectible action figures from Stikbot that kids can use to create their very own stop-motion videos. With their articulating limbs, and action accessories. KlikBots are ready to travel the universe and go on any adventure you can imagine!

Create your own KlikBot animation with the free stop-motion app - Stikbot Studio. New KlikBot series is available now on the StikBot Central YouTube channel!

Octagon includes 7 Klikbots and accessories:

4 Good Guys with weapons and changeable hands

3 Bad Guys with 3 creatures and change hands

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