Marshmallow Blaster - Double Barrel Blaster

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Who says you can’t play with your food? With Zing’s Double Barrel Blaster, you can use mini marshmallows as edible ammo and shoot them up to 40 feet! The Double Barrel Blaster’s pump-action design uses air pressure to send bursts of marshmallows flying like a shotgun with a single pump. Pump quickly for rapid fire action! Only air pressure is used, so it’s chemical free and batteries are not required. Compete with your friends to see who can shoot the farthest, take your aim and hit targets or go all out in a marshmallow blaster war! Take the battle with your friends and family indoors or outdoors. In a soft and safe marshmallow battle, the only thing at risk is your pride.


Pump action technology makes for powerful play; shoots marshmallows up to 40 ft


Marshmallows hit their mark with a soft impact; safe for indoor and outdoor play


Join the party and pass the marshmallows; it’s time to battle hard and play soft

  • INCLUDES: 1 Extreme Blaster and 1 Target (Marshmallows not included)

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