Plantastic City Vehicles Double Pack (Small Size) - Cement Mixer And Dump Truck

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Age: 3+

Includes: 2x Small Size Plantastic City Vehicles

Unleash the excitement of the city with Plantastic's City Vehicle Series! Packed with action and adventure, this collection features a diverse set of city-themed vehicles, including ambulances, police cars, dump trucks, cement mixer and more! Designed to captivate the imagination of unisex kids aged 3 and up, these eco-friendly toys provide endless opportunities for creative play and development. Embrace a greener tomorrow with Plantastic's 100% recyclable packaging, allowing your little one's adventures to be both exciting and eco-conscious.

Made from 40% wheat straw - reduced use of plastic, our Plantastic toys are not only safe for kids but also kind to the environment.

Develop motor skills and inspire imaginative stories - each vehicle offers unique play possibilities, encouraging creativity and role-play scenarios.

Enhance hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills - as they navigate the bustling city, they'll be mastering essential skills.

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