Z-Tek Bow - Bungee Replacement and Arrow Sets


Style: 1 Z-Tek Bungee Set Only


Product: Z-Tek Bow - Bungee Replacement and Arrow Sets

Age: 14+


  • Option 1: 2 Z-Tek Bungee Sets & 4 Red Zonic Whistle Arrows
  • Option 2: 1 Z-Tek Bungee Set & 10 Orange Zonic Whistle Arrows 
  • Option 3: 1 Z-Tek Bungee Set, 5 Zonic Whistle Arrows and 5 Suction Cup Arrow in Purple Color
  • Option 4: 1  Z-Tek Bungee Set, 2 Zonic Whistle Arrows and 1 Suction Cup Arrow in Classic Color
  • Option 5: 1 Z-Tek Bungee Set, 1 Light-Up Arrow and 1 Red Suction Cup Arrow
  • Option 6: 1 Z-Tek Bungee Set Only

These replacement bungee and arrows are all compatible with Air Hunterz Z-Tek Bow,  Air Storm Z-Tek Bow and Air Huntress Z-Tek Bow. 

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