StikBot Christmas Crew Pack - Santa, Snowman, Elf, Gingerbread Man, Reindeer, Nutcracker

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Get into the festive spirit with the Stikbot Christmas Crew Pack! This delightful holiday-themed collection includes seven new Stikbots, each adorned with special body printing to perfectly capture the holiday magic. Among these charming characters is a new animal friend, the Stikbot Reindeer, making its debut since the beloved Safari Pets series. Joining the reindeer are Santa, elf, gingerbread man and gingerbread girl, nutcracker, and snowman, all ready to bring a touch of holiday magic to your stop-motion animations. 

INCLUDE: Santa, Snowman, Elf, Gingerbread Boy, Gingerbread Girl, Reindeer, Nutcracker, Candy Cane, Presents

  • FESTIVE CHARACTERS: Add holiday cheer to your animations with seven new Stikbots, each featuring special body printing that captures the essence of the season. From Santa Claus to the Nutcracker, these Stikbots are ready for winter fun.
  • HOLIDAY ACCESSORIES: Enhance your animations with a collection of Christmas-themed accessories. Decorate your scenes with miniature presents, hats, and candy canes to capture the essence of the season.
  • CREATIVE STORYTELLING: Let your imagination run wild as you craft unique holiday-themed stop-motion stories. Create festive scenes, adventures, and heartwarming moments with the Christmas Crew and you other StikBots!
  • ACCREDITED STEAM TOY: With official STEAM Toys accreditation from Dr. Gummer’s Good Play Guide, the StikBot line is a great educational toy that can foster creativity and develop critical thinking skills. Kids can practice writing scripts, voice acting, directing, and editing film to become a movie maker that can do it all!

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