StikBot Legendz Series 2 - Merc, Doctor Nevermore, Kallista, Bolt

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Stikbot Legendz is a new original series focusing on the events in the land of Zingrannica. The realm and its denizens have enjoyed peace and prosperity as each district maintains an equal influence over each other, but a looming force threatens this balance. Now the realm is in chaos as each district is vies for power over all of Zingtannica. Create your new stories with series 2 characters: Doctor Nevermore, Kallista, Bolt and Merc.

MERC: From the Hero District, Vangarden, Merc is a varden who works for the District’s Police Force. In battle, he wields cutting-edge technology custom-crafted by the skilled Frankenheim TechSmiths.

NEVERMORE: Once a Frankenheim biomorphologist who moved to Gloomburg in self-exile, Nevermore sought magical means to continue his research. He uses technology-enhanced magic to battle opponents.

BOLT: Bolt is a skilled ninja from the Kokatsu District. He possesses the ability to harness electricity, using it for electric-based ninja attacks. As the leader of the Narukami Gang, Bolt, and his crew undertake missions on behalf of Kokatsu.

KALLISTA: Once royalty of Terayno, Kalista now serves as the district's leader after overthrowing her tyrant brother. She possesses the ability to conjure blue crystals, using them offensively and defensively against foes.

Poseable action figures with fully articulating joints and suction cup feet to stick to almost any flat surface

The new Stikbot Legendz provides an extra level of detail to your animations; you’ll have everything you need to create characters ready to fill any roll. Each Stikbot will be equipped with its exclusive set of accessories and armors. The pack includes 4 Stikbot and 4 Sets of Accessories and armors.

With official STEAM Toys accreditation from Dr. Gummer’s Good Play Guide, the Stikbot line is a great educational toy that can foster creativity and develop critical thinking skills. Kids can practice writing scripts, voice acting, directing, and editing film to become a movie maker that can do it all!

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