Stik'em Slap Stick Challenge

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Stik’em is a fast and exciting reaction game that brings friends and families closer together. Listen for one of the unique sounds from the app then be the first to react and slap the corresponding card first. Compete with your friends and try to slap and collect the most cards! 

  • App includes 5 different ways to play   
  • Test your reaction time and accuracy 
  • 2 or more players 
  • Recommended for ages 4 and up 


Wait and listen for one of the unique sounds coming from the APP and SLAM the card that matches the sound! Try to slap and collect the most cards before the game ends! With five game modes, there will be no end to the fun! 

  • Classic

Once you hear the sound, find the matching card and slap and collect as many as you can before the buzzer. The player with the most cards at the end wins. 

  • Race to Five

The first player to slap 5 matching cards wins. 

  • Rapid Fire

It's classic mode but an accelerated speed. Try to keep up! 

  • Combo Congo

Listen to 3 sounds before you start slapping. Collect all three matching cards before 7 seconds are up. The player with the most cards after 5 rounds wins. 

  • Quick Draw

Place one of each card on the table. Players much be the first to slap the matching card after hearing the noise to collect the card. The player with most cards at the end wins. 

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