Wet Head - The Water Roulette Game

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Wet Head is a great family game for kids 4 and up! Get the whole family involved and see who will come out staying dry.

SET INCLUDES: Wet Head hat water container, water container plug, 8 rods, and spinner


  1. Put the water-filled WET HEAD on your head. Spin the spinner. 
  2. Follow the instructions on the spinner based on where the arrow lands. Pass the WET HEAD to the next player. 
  3. Will you be the next WET HEAD?
Go to #wetheadchallenge on social media and join in on the challenge! There are two games you can play with the Wet Head Challenge app. Select the Spinner Mode to take your chances and let the spin determine your destiny. Pull 1 pin, pull 2 pins, skip turn, or reverse order!

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