ZeeBeez Bouncing Bowl - 4 Pack (Styles May Vary)

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Reignite the fun with the all-new ZeeBeez Bouncing Bowl! Our classic bouncing sensation is back with vibrant rubber colors and exciting pin designs. These ZeeBeez offer an exhilarating play experience where you push, spin, and catch your way to endless excitement. They pop up to an incredible 6 feet, guaranteeing hours of indoor and outdoor fun whether you are playing solo or challenging friends and family, ZeeBeez bring the joy of bouncing and stress relief to a whole new level. Get ready to bounce into a world of play and discover the thrill of ZeeBeez!

AGE: 14+

INCLUDE: 4 Styles of ZeeBeez

  • EXTREME BOUNCING FUN: Experience the thrill as ZeeBeez Bouncing Bowl soar up to an impressive 6 feet in the air, making every bounce a new adventure.
  • FIDGET AND STRESS RELIEFf: Beyond bouncing, ZeeBeez Bouncing Bowl offer fidget and stress-relief benefits. Squeeze, spin, and enjoy the tactile satisfaction they provide, making them perfect for both play and relaxation.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: ZeeBeez are made with premium quality rubber in brand new colors and specially designed pins.
  • SOLO OR GROUP PLAY: ZeeBeez Bouncing Bowl are great for solo play, but they're even better when shared with friends and family. Challenge each other to epic bounce-offs!

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