Air Hunterz Mega Target and Arrow Sets


Style: Set A: Mega Target Only


Product: Air Hunterz Mega Target
Age: 8+

  • Set A: Mega Target with 2 Arrow Clips To Hold 4 Arrows
  • Set B: Mega Target with 2 Arrow Clips To Hold 4 Arrows and 3 Classic Suction Cup Arrows*
  • Set C: Mega Target with 2 Arrow Clips To Hold 4 Arrows and 10 Orange Suction Cup Arrows*

This Mega Target is compatible with all Zing Bows and Blasters.

*The arrows included in Set B and C are compatible with Firetek Bow, Z-Bow, Z-Tek Bow, Z-Curve Bow and HyperStrike Bow only.


Air Hunterz Mega Target Sign is deluxe double sided target. Ready, Aim and Fire. Test your accuracy with this heavy duty double sided target. Each side has a different way to play. When the fun is over, safety - store your arrows on the integrated arrow clips. The target package does not include arrows.

  • Air Hunterz Wall target is perfect for indoor and outdoor play
  • One mega target comes with 2-sided targets and 2 arrow clips to hold 4 arrows when you are not playing.

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