Zing Pong




Zing Pong is a game in which players race to bounce "ping pong" balls into pockets on their respective side of a pyramid, and into the cup on top of the pyramid. This game combines dexterity and luck and will have each player filled with adrenaline as they race to beat their opponents and avoid drinking the gross mixture! 

The game starts with all players racing to bounce their balls into the pockets on their side of the pyramid. Once a player’s three pockets are filled, they bounce their fourth ball into the cup on top. The first player to get their ball into the cup on top is safe from having to drink the gross mixture! The remaining players continue to play, with the winner of each round deemed safe, until a loser has been determined. The loser then has to draw a card, mix the ingredients into the cup, and drink up! 

  • Recommended for ages 6 and up 
  • A game of speed, skill, and luck 
  • Fun for the whole family 

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