Top Christmas Toys 2021

Christmas toys are more important than ever this year! 

Kids have it difficult this yearhaving to experience quarantines and the sudden shift to online learning. This year, it is important that we give them toys that are fun, engaging, and will keep them happy, as well as reward them for the perseverance they’ve shown this year. 

So check out these fun and active toys, that will provide hours of fun and feature interactive and learning components your kids would love!

Hyperstrike Bow

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Let your kids become awesome archers with the Hyperstrike Kids Bows and Arrow Sets! With Zonic whistling foam-tipped arrows and an incredible 250-foot range, this toy is perfect for team archery battles or shooting targets for accuracy and precision. Bows are available in different colors that can clearly represent the player’s team. They also feature our patented quick loading loop and launch technology for fast reloading. You can also go for a set of suction cup arrows that stick to any smooth flat surface. Hyperstrike bows are the perfect toys that promote a healthy, fit, and outdoor lifestyle. 


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Bring your kid’s imagination to life with Stikbot! Here are social media-sharing toys that are posable action figures with suction cup hands and feet. They come in many colors and variations, that are perfect for making stop motion animated films. All your kids have to do is pose the toys in front of a green or blue screen provided and simply start taking photos as they adjust the toys to create the scene. No need for expensive video editing apps, you can just download the Stikbot Studio App on any Android or iOS device for free! Get their creative juices flowing with these awesome stop motion toys!


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Like the Stikbots, Klikbots are posable action figures designed for kids to create their own stop motion animated films in the comfort of their homes. These stop motion toys are more articulate and can be used to create super detailed action-packed stop motion animations. They also have plenty of action accessories and interchangeable pieces that kids can combine or take apart to suit their films. Officially, the four colored Klikbots belong to a space treasure-hunting crew, who go on adventures and beat bad guys along the way. But kids can create any adventure of their own with the Stikbot Studio App and a green or blue screen to take them anywhere, anytime. Let your kind’s imagination run wild and bring these posable Klikbots to life! 


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If you’re looking for a Christmas toy that the entire family can have loads of fun with, then this is for you. The ZAX foam axe is perfect for that fun axe-throwing time with family and friends, both indoors and outdoors. Crafted from soft and safe materials, this toy is suitable for children ages five and up. The foam axe features three suction cups on the blade section that will stick to any smooth flat surface and encourage players to fine-tune their hand-eye coordination. Start throwing now and see who comes out as the Zax champion.

Zax - Soft and Safe Foam Throwing Axe

USD $14.99

Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow

USD $37.99