Fun Indoor Activities for Kids on Rainy Days

Whenever unfavorable weather stops your kids from having some outdoor fun, it’s the parent’s job to find them alternative entertainment. While computer games, YouTube, and TikTok videos are a good way to burn some time on rainy days, sometimes they just don’t cut it. You want to find something more interactive, educational, and easy to bring out.

What can you do to keep your kids engaged and entertained when they can’t go outside?

Zing has a few toys that are great for inside play!

1. Zano Bow

Want your kids to play Robin Hood and turn your home into the Sherwood Forest? Have them play with Zing’s Air Zano Bows! The bow is the perfect indoor archery set that can shoot arrows over 9 meters. They stick to most smooth surfaces. Kids can have contests to see who is the best archer! Just make sure to keep all breakable items in your home safe. 

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2. Zax

Need an activity to have an exciting time with your kids? Get in on ax-throwing fun with Zax! It’s a safe and fun toy that helps develop hand-eye coordination. The suction cups are made with Softek Foam, allowing them to stick to most smooth flat surfaces, yet easy to release when gently pulled and bounce off everything else! It’s lightweights and simple design allows anyone to wield with ease. Accept the challenge and become the next ax-throwing master!

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3. Wrist Bow

Do you want your kids to play tag with a twist? How about with safe wrist bows that fire soft foam arrows? If you’re looking for an electrifying time, then grab a pair of Zing’s Air Hunterz Wrist Bows! Hit any target from up to 35 feet away, even moving ones. Suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people. You can even change from soft foam arrows to suction cups arrows, that stick to smooth surfaces. 

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4. Stikbot

Make a homemade film indoors! All you need is a smartphone or a tablet and our simple editing app and you’re ready to go. Your kids can create  stop motion animation films by using Zing’s Stikbot toys! These are poseable educational toys that kids can use to create fun and original videos. The Stikbot Studio app is free to download and available for iOS and Android devices. 

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Rainy days offer opportunities to help our little ones flourish. With this, we hope you have an impressive arsenal of board games, education toys, active toys, and adventures planned for the next rainy day. Check out all our fun kids toys on Zing.Store. Happy Shopping.



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