Zing’s STEM Toys are the Ultimate Educational Toys

Zing Toys prides itself on not only providing a wide array of different types of toys that are fun for a variety of ages but also in the fact that they offer toys that are educational. These educational toys are beyond just being a good thing to play with.  

There is an increasing demand out there for parents looking for STEM Toys for their children to provide a way to get some hands-on learning in all sorts of different subjects. The key here is to not only offer a product that kids can learn from, but also that they will actually enjoy using! 

One great Zing product for this is the unique Go Go Bird. With the rise of the drone industry over the past few years, the Go Go Bird is an excellent product to learn about the use of flying products, but with the simplicity and ease that kids can use it. This toy offers multiple flying options – with a manual control mode using a basic joystick that kids can intuitively learn in just a few minutes, or there are a few different automatic flight options, where they can learn about different uses of infrared sensors that allow the toy to fly all on its own! 

Plus, unlike standard drones that fly in very symmetrical patterns – straight up, down, left, or right – the Go Go Bird uses flapping wings to mimic that flight pattern of an actual bird! Kids can see how different rates of flapping affect the swooping flying style, or how even with no flapping at all the bird can still glide and soar through the air. It is really an awesome way for kids to get an intro to drones and learn a little bit about how the birds they see every day get to fly! 

Along with the Go Go Bird, Zing offers a completely different educational path with its Stop Motion Studio toys. With the help of an easy-to-use app and suction cup toys, kids can learn animation techniques and create their own videos with whatever they can imagine! 

The Stikbot and Klikbot product lines are the suction cup toys that are perfect for creating content. With suction cups on their hands and feet, plus posable body parts, they allow users to set them up and move them around in whatever way they might want! Klikbots also offer a little more customizability for an older audience, with different accessories to use for different characters. Both lines come in plenty of assorted colors and styles, with even bigger upgrades like the MegaBots series, which offer vehicles upgrades for the toys! 

Of course, if they have seen something like the old Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, they would be familiar with the animation style, but have not been able to have any experience with it themselves.  Also, they can learn from others, hone their craft, and have fun watching other’s videos in the #Stikbot social media community, where the Stikbot brand posts their own content and shares the creations of kids all over the world.  

When shopping for Zing products, you can be sure that they are a wonderful way for children to not just be entertained, but also gain a bit of knowledge as well!



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