Zing Z-Ammo 10 Units Extra Suction Cup and Bounce Back Whistle Arrow Refills

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Color: Purple
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Make sure you’re always fully loaded with ammo and ready for action with the Zing Arrow Refill pack. Send the whistling Zonic Arrows flying through the air, hear them scream as they zoom towards your targets. You’ll always hit your mark and make it stick with Zing’s Suction Cup Arrows. The both feature the quick loading loop and launch technology which offers fast reloading for when the battle gets turned up. All our bows are loads of fun for both kids and adults. Practice your aim and hand-eye coordination with some solo target practice! Aim at cans and boxes, build your own targets for stunt shooting in your backyard or neighborhood park! Soft foam tips and fins keep the arrows safe and suitable for light indoor use. Pair these arrows with most Zing bows for the perfect family toy for summer fun, on vacation, or at home!


Zonic arrows have a foam tips, allowing the arrows to bounce back after hitting their target, so battles are exciting as well as safe; The embedded whistle allows you to hear the arrows screaming through the air as they zoom towards your target for an extra dimension to the fun


Zing Suction Cup Arrows can stick to almost any flat surface; They’re easy to remove and leave no marks or residue on surfaces

Compatible with:

HyperStrike Bow, Firetek Bow, Z-Tek Bow, Z-Curve Bow, and Z-Bow.

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