Every Day Play Bundle - Thumb Chucks and Spinzipz

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Product: Every Day Play Bundle - Thumb Chucks and Spinzipz (Eco Friendly Packaging)
Age: 4+
Includes: 1 Blue and Red Spinzipz, 1 Green and Red Spinzipz, 2 Spinner Connectors, 1 Green Thumb Chucks & 1 Blue Thumb Chucks Thumb Chucks are a skill toys that can defy gravity! Wind the Thumb Chucks around your fingers and move your hands with the right ways to perform all kinds of stunts! Kids and adults will enjoy the challenge of learning all of the Thumb Chucks techniques and maneuvers. Will you control the roll? 

  • Recommended for ages 4 and up 
  • Adjustable belt to fit your palm 
  • Interchangeable chucks for mixing & matching to fit your style  

Spinzipz are the light up fidget spinners that will challenge your creativity, precision, and hand eye coordination. The built in LEDs take let Spinzips take the fidget spinner craze to a whole new dimension by creating a dazzling, out of this world light show.  

  • Recommended for ages 4 and up 
  • Stack two together and spin to create more dramatic effects  
  • Built-in batteries power the LEDs for a long time  

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