Air Hunterz Zano Bow

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Product: Air Hunterz Zano Bow
Age: 5+
Includes: 1 Air Hunterz Zano Bow & 2 Suction Cup Arrows

Check out the sleek design and shape; Shorter bungees for faster launching and a more powerful presence - It's an all new archery experience with the Zing Air Hunterz Zano Bow!  

The Zano Bow is the perfect toy for all sorts of fun. Whether gearing up for a full-on battle, or just having some fun with targets, this small but powerful bow gets the job done on any level. Practice kids’ aim and hand-eye coordination with solo target practice! 

  • Lightweight and compact design, perfect for indoors and more confined spaces 
  • Patented loop and launch technology for fast and easy reloading 
  • Durable and shooter power bungee cords 
  • Equipped with mini soft foam suction cup arrows which can stick to almost any flat surface 

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