Klikbot - Series 3 Guardian, New Characters & Weapons, Includes Blitz, Sabre, Barrage and Tempest

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With the awakening of an ancient source of power, the Klikbots Guardian joins the battle to keep that power out of the wrong hands. Blitz, Sabre, Barrage, and Tempest will have their hands full keeping both the Klikbot Heroes and Villains at bay. They’re equipped with powerful weapons and unique helmets, so they may stand a chance. 

Klikbots are the perfect stop motion animation toy figures. Their joints snap into place when moved so they’re always ready for camera, and with a wide range of parts and accessories, you can use them to tell any story you can imagine. With you as the director, their fate is your hands!  Klikbots are great STEM educational toys for fostering creativity and learning a new skill. 

  • Includes: 4 Translucent Klikbot Guardian figures, 4 sets of suction cup hands, and 4 sets of equipment 
  • Futuristic Weapons and Accessories 
  • Collectible: Complete your cast with the Klikbot Hero, Villain, Megabot, and Zanimation Studio set
  • Stikbot Studio 2.0 App: Use Klikbots to learn stop motion animation techniques and share your movies with the world with the free app 
  • Klikbot Universe: Follow the Klibot Galaxy Defenders series on the Stikbot Central Youtube channel 

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Klikbots are posable stop-motion action figures. Larger and more customizable than Stikbot, use Klikbot to take stories to new extremes!


The Klikbot Guardians save the day with the help of their new weapons and accessories. Each Guardian has specialized equipment that takes advantage of their unique skills.


Use the StikBot Studio 2.0 app and become a moviemaker! Use stop motion techniques and make your own stories!


With their interchangeable pieces, articulating limbs, and action accessories, KlikBots are ready to travel the universe and go on any adventure you can imagine!


Check out the animated series Klikbot Guardian on our Youtube channel StikBot Central!

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