Pop Bot - 6x Light-Up Monster Toys Bundle


Style: 6 Pop Bots Bundle - Series 1


Pop Bot is a line of collectible and playable monster figures from Zing. There are twelve Pop Bots which all have unique heads that lock into place when pressed down. They also have suction cups for feet and can be stuck to nearly any flat surface! Plus, with an awesome light up feature, they glow in the dark when touched! The characters consist of twelve monsters with scary faces and custom designs on the back of each of their heads. Follow along the Pop Bot story on Instagram and YouTube. Drop Pop Bots onto a flat surface and see if you can get them to stick! 


Don’t miss out on any of the fun! Get the whole line up of Pop Bots and make the story complete. There are 12 Pop Bots monsters in total and each with their own unique look and story 


    With a suction cup base you can place these toys on almost any flat surface. Perfect for collecting on a desk or nightstand. Rearrange with ease as you set up where you want

    • LIGHT UP

    Pop Bots light up with each touch! Pop them up and down and watch them glow. Great for use in the dark for cool effects that kids will love. Makes a for a great party gift that kids will love


    Each Pop Bot has a their own special look with distinctive features on the front and back of their heads that show off their individual identity


    Pop Bots are part of a whole world of adventure that kids can follow along with! Keep up with the story on the Zing social media accounts!  

    What's Included?

    • Series 1 Bundle includes 6 Pop Bots: Barry, Bonez, Squint, Vom, Skewerz, Jak-O
    • Series 2 Bundle includes 6 Pop Bots: Zipz, Tombie, Wrapz, Gunky, Damian, Blinkz 

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