StikBot Dino Theme Pack Bundle (2 Stikbots, 2 Dinos and Dino-Themed Accessories)

Eco Pack

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With the Stikbot Dino Theme Pack, you’ll have everything you need to direct the next great Dino epic! 2 Stikbot explorers are geared up and ready to discover a Dino utopia, but how will the Stikbot Dinos welcome the new arrivals? Will they star in a jolly Jurassic comedy or a Dino Detective film? When you’re the director of their Dino tales, it’s up to you! 

The Stikbots and Stikbot Dinos are collectible and are an essential addition to your Stikbot movie cast. Their unique design, suction-cup hands and feet, allow you to position these action figures on any smooth surface. Using the Stikbot Studio 2.0 App, kids can easily learn stop motion animation techniques and bring these toys to life. Stikbots are great STEM educational toys for fostering creativity and learning a new skill. Get inspired by the daily content including, fan-made movies and original Stikbot shows on our Youtube channel, Stikbot Central. Be sure to share your own exciting creations by using #Stikbot.

The pack includes:   1 Silver Velociraptor, 1 Green Pachycephalosaurus, 1 Cream Stikbot, 1 Black and Teal Stikbot, and Dino Accessories


Action figure with fully articulating joints; suction cup feet to stick to almost any flat surface


Let your creativity run wild as you think of the ideal ways to use the Stikbot Dinos in your next wild scenes


Stikbot Dinos are just one part of the Stikbot line; Complete your set with the Stikbot Monsters, Stikbot Off the Grid Character packs, and the Stikbot Action Packs.


Learn stop motion animation techniques when you download our free Stikbot Studio 2.0 App, using your imagination to create adventure films starring the Stikbot Dinos

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