ZARTZ Urban Throwing Dart Fun Pack (Eco Friendly Packaging)




Get stuck into some serious fun with the Zing Zartz Fun Pack. Just pick up your shield then let the darts fly! With 2 Zartz and 2 shields, you’ll always be ready for a Zartz battle. Catch the Zartz with your shield then send them flying back. With these 9 inch suction cup throwing darts allow you to throw them at close range targets, launch long range bombs or toss at a flat target in a classic outdoor darts game. SOFTEK foam suction cups stick to almost any flat surface and can easily be removed, and they are safe for light indoor use. 

  • GET STUCK ON FUN!: Zartz can stick to almost any flat surface; easy to remove and leaves no marks or residue on surfaces
  • TOSS AND CATCH GAME: Throw your Zartz back and forth with your friends; catch your with your hands or with the shield; Great for hand and eye coordination
  • ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: Set up targets to practice your aim, see who can throw the farthest, make some trick shots, or battle in teams in a Zartz war! 
  • INCLUDES:  Includes 2 Zartz and 2 Shields

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